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Delegates dance the night away A day in the life of an admin The Power of MUN Advisory Panel Discusses Measures to Take in Northeast Asia Security Council Delegates

Delegates dance the night away

  by Farah Jabir, Garden International school If you think MUNers don’t know how to party, think again. Last night, hours of entertainment were produced from delegates of THIMUN. Not only was our secretary general prancing on the dance floor, but also delegates and Hwa Chong students. Awkward table cries started the night, and the […]


A day in the life of an admin

By Radhika Joshi, Chatsworth International School In every MUN conference there are hundreds of delegates, student officers and directors that dominate the scene with their intellectual prowess. However, there are also the hidden stars of the conference, those who make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Yes, it is the administrative staff. These […]

Power of MUN

The Power of MUN

By Elizabeth Metzger, Concordia International School Shanghai  To my parents, the only reason should join an extracurricular activity is to beef up college or job resume. If the activity is enjoyable, that’s great. If not, well that’s just too darn bad. During freshman year, MUN was the perfect excuse to escape school for a five […]

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Advisory Panel Discusses Measures to Take in Northeast Asia

By Nick Wong, Mont’ Kiara International School Truly unique, the Advisory Panel stands out in comparison to many other committees in the 9th Annual THIMUN Singapore conference. An expert of the APQ typically addresses his Chair and delegates “Honorable President, Distinguished experts.”Likewise, the APQ has both experts and organizations that are allowed to vote on […]

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Security Council Delegates…They’re the Bomb

By Alyssa Hsu, Pacific American School Non-proliferation in North Korea has long since been one of the most contentious issues of the modern age. With this year’s THIMUN conference, it became clear that it was within most countries’ best interest to prevent North Korea from further obtaining nuclear weaponry. “It is a threat to the […]


The Power of MUN, Part 2

22 November 2013

By Radhika Joshi, Chatsworth International School The United Nations is critical to the world as we know it. It creates bridges between countries and helps governments as well as  people. The Model United Nations allows students, particularly young people with an interest in the world, to take part in this very activity by debating topics […]

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